Rubens and the Linder Gallery, excerpt from A Mysterious Masterpiece

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Who are the  three conversing figures shown in the Windsor Drawing, almost certainly a preparatory drawing for the Linder Gallery? The excerpt below from  A Mysterious Masterpiece: The World of the Linder Gallery proposes a hypothesis:

The Windsor Drawing: A Sketch for the Linder Gallery?

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The Royal Collection in Windsor Castle contains a drawing (RL 12983) showing the interior of a picture gallery that bears a striking resemblance to the Linder Gallery, showing a similar architectural space. There are some key differences though. For example, the ceiling of the space in the Windsor drawing is flat, and there is a door on the left hand …

A possible self-portrait?

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There is no signature on the Linder Gallery, but on the red table on the right hand side of the painting is a small double-portrait. The portrait shows two men, a bearded man pointing at a drawing and the other, younger man looking at the drawing and painting. On close inspection of the drawing it can be seen that it …