A great number of people have contributed to our growing understanding of the Linder Gallery and its context. We would especially like to acknowledge the contributions of the following:

Julia Armstrong-Totten, Ronni Baer, Jim Bennett, Mario Biagioli, Caroline Bouguereau, James Bradburne, Aurelia Brandt, Filippo Camerota, Stephen Clucas, Barbara Cordover, Jeff Cordover, Ronald H. Cordover, Sven Dupré, Sabine Eiche, Robert Evans, Arianne Faber-Kolb, Paula Findlen, David Freedberg, Eliska Fucikova, Paolo Galluzzi, Michael John Gorman, Anthony Grafton, Ursula Härting, Julius Held, Elizabeth Honig, Peter Humfrey, Stephen Johnston, Martin Kemp, Jill Kraye, Emily Loudon, Julian Luxford, Rhona Macbeth, Ian Maclean, Alexander Marr, Andrew John Martin, Rachel Mauro, Elizabeth McGrath, Tim and Diane Nighswander, David Parrott, Guido Rebecchini, George Shackelford, Pamela Smith, Claudia Swan, Paul Taylor, Vladimir Urbanek, Ernst Vegelin, Alejandro Vergara, Lawrence Weschler and Emily Wilson.

The book A Mysterious Masterpiece: The World of the Linder Gallery was published by Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi/Alias on the occasion of the exhibition Galileo. Images of the Universe from Antiquity to the Telescope.

The high resolution imaging of the Linder Gallery was carried out by Tim and Diane Nighswander of Imaging4Art.

The website was produced by Ronald H. Cordover, created by Michael John Gorman and developed by X-Communications.