Review of A Mysterious Masterpiece in Leonardo

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Amy Ione has published a review of A Mysterious Masterpiece in Leonardo. Here’s an excerpt:

“A Mysterious Masterpiece. The World of the Linder Gallery introduces the Linder Gallery painting to a broad audience through an in situ conversation of six specialists and generalists who discuss the work in the owner’s (Ron Cordover’s) living room. Thus, it is an unusual book about an unusual painting that was virtually unknown until now.  The decision to use a lively conversation instead of a dry, scholarly narrative approach (with all of its annotations, footnotes and a long bibliography), makes the volume accessible and adds a measure of appeal to the ideas as well because the participants draw out each other’s knowledge as they talk. What is perhaps most exciting about the book is the subject matter itself.  Although the walk through the details of the piece is rudimentary, this quick survey does expose how many facets of a unique moment in the history of ideas are contained within its parameters…” For the full review visit

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