The Linder Gallery to be featured in Season 6 of LOST?

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Will the Linder Gallery feature in the final season of the popular TV show LOST? A bizarre teaser video just released for the series features a very quick flash of the painting at around 47 seconds in:

Here’s an excerpt from an email I received about this a couple of days ago:

I should probably start out by asking if you watch LOST? The TV show is finishing up in 2010, it’s 6th and final season. In the hiatus, there has been a viral marketing campaign of sorts involving the release of a series of 16 graphic art screen prints, about once a week. Each print release is preceded by a series of clues that tell eventually tell us where/when to be at a particular real world venue or internet site where a web URL is released. The URL once released is the only place to buy the print. There are less than 200 of each of these prints made available and the viral marketing has attracted so much attention that each of the last few prints has sold out in 2 minutes or less. We just had the latest print release on Thursday, Novemeber 12th. The series of clues we were given lead to SPiN NYC, a table tennis night club in New York from 6-8PM. This particular reveal occurred through a short video. Fans at SPiN were shown a short video, and the URL we needed was flashed very quickly at the end . As an added bonus, there were 6 images “buried” in the last couple seconds of the video, that are supposed to be hints/teasers to the upcoming final season of LOST. The Linder Gallery Interior painting was the 2nd of these images …. Thanks for your reply! LOST fans await your input. LOST can also be said to lie “at the intersection of art, science and mystery”.


Are there any LOST fans out there who know anything more about this?

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